School Start Up

Parents - Please check with your students' teacher before buying supplies.  There are some supplies that the teacher would like a specific type.  We will be uploading list before school starts.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Variety Show

Animal Assembly

Math and Science Night

Kindergarten Students are Using AVID Strategies!

GOT Kids “My Books”

Parents enjoyed the GOT Kids presentation “My Books”. Board President George Neely spoke to the parents about the importance of reading with their children. He gifted every parent a copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Their children then joined them for refreshments and they read their new books. Thank you Mr. Neely! Staff form Stockton-San Joaquin also presented the wide variety of resources the libraries offer to families. Many parents signed up for library cards!


GOT Kids “My Books”

2nd grade Stem Project

2nd grade Stem Project


Since November 1988, state law has required all public schools receiving state funding to annually prepare and distribute a School Accountability Report Card (SARC). A similar requirement is also contained in the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The purpose of the report card is to provide parents and the community with important information about each public school.




"I'm glad I came to science camp because I would've never seen nature in the way I do now or realize how cool science actually is! After learning about nature at science camp I'm going to pollute less, now that I know how easy it is for things to end up in the ocean."


"My favorite activity was fort building because I like being a problem-solver. I'm glad I came to science camp because it was a great experience! I will try to not pollute the water so that it stays healthy for the animals in it."


"I'm glad I came to science camp because we all learned new things such as how to communicate with each other better through the games. My favorite activity was searching for insects in the creek because it was fun to see the different kinds."


"I'm glad I came to science camp because I learned & laughed so much, and it was amazing! My favorite activity was the rock wall. After this week, I now want to spend more time playing outside and take care of the plants around me."


"I will treat nature differently now by trying to conserve waste so that it doesn't affect the environment. I'm glad I came to science camp because I got to learn about nature and had a lot of fun. My favorite activity was campfire because the skits were great!"


"My favorite activities were the banana slug club and the solo hike because we learned new things about how our eyes work in the dark. I'm glad I came to science camp because it was a great memory I'll have forever."


"I'm glad I came to science camp because I got to see new things and animals. My favorite activity was the rock wall because I was really proud of myself for being brave and making it up past my goal."

Every Day Counts

We have many things in place at Mosher to encourage perfect attendance. 

Our motto is In school, On time, Every Day!


PTA Resources

Some important links from the California State PTA


First Quarter Important Dates

 Some upcoming important dates.        



Our Motto!

In school, On time, Every Day!

Free Breakfast

Breakfast Begins at 8:00 am.  It is free for all students!

Visitors and Volunteers

If you are coming onto school grounds during school hours, it is a district policy that all visitors and volunteers must come to the office to sign in and receive a badge.  We THANK YOU for your understanding. It is your part in helping us to know everyone who is on campus.  That way we can keep kids and staff safe and secure.


K-6 P.A.L.S.

Parent Safety Newsletter

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