Taking the Smarter Balanced Test

Students from Mr. King's 6th grade class were totally focused on the new math Smarter Balanced test.


Talent Show - fun for all

Talent Show - fun for all
Today: 4/23/14
1:00 PM Administrative Professional Day! Thank you Barbara and Maricela!

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Harvest of the Month - Broccoli

Harvest of the Month - Broccoli

Healthy Children Make Better Learners!

Look for broccoli with a firm stem and tight, compact florets that are dark green.

Store broccoli in an open plastic bang in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Rinse (don't soak) broccoli under cool water just before serving.

Cook broccoli by steaming, microwaving, or stir-frying. Boiling causes some of the vitamins and minerals to be lost

Talent Show

Mosher’s annual Talent Show, on January 30th, showcased an array of young talent that bravely took the stage in front of a cheering crowd of students, teachers and parents. The Talent Show allows students to express themselves in a unique and artistic way.